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Fina Fantasy VI: The Eternal Crystals
A Video compiled by Jason of CountyLineGaming

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Final Fantasy VI: The Eternal Crystals -Version X is a new re-hack of the old "Eternal Crystals" hack. The other versions were built on top of one another, where this one was started from an original FF3us ROM and matched many of the aspects of the older versions.

What makes this version special is that it includes a new array of features that the others never had:

Here’s what’s new from the previous versions:
-New Custom-composed MUSIC
-New Events
-New Sprites and Portraits
-New Dungeons
-New Characters - a total of 15 fully functional players!
-New Espers
-New Font
-and much more.... (See the included Read Me for more details




8.2.2011 - FF6: The Eternal Crystals Augment!
Version 10.8.3

Grab it Here!

- Fixed some exploits
- Ending Names are now representative of new names.
- Now there are 3 ips patches for various versions.

6.3.2010 - FF6: The Eternal Crystals Augment Released!

What's different about FF6: EC Augment?


- Display Class types (Monk, Thief, etc...)
- Full spell names ("Blizzaga", "Thundaga", "Level 5 Death", etc)
- Full Esper names ("Alexander" instead of "Alexandr", etc...)
- Full Esper spell names ("Judgement Bolt" instead of "Bolt Fist", etc.)
- Full Blitz and Enemy attacks ("Raging Fist" replaces "Pummel", etc.)
-"Gil" is now printed in corner of Menu instead of "G."


- "Phantom Forest" music is replaced with FF4's Cave Music
- Boss music is replaced with FF4 Boss music.


- "Pub" signs replace "Cafe" signs

BIG thanks to Lenophis for his help in the menu editing!


6.1.2010 - Version 10.7.2 bug fix

Grab the newest pach Here!

  • Fixed a bug where 'Hades Blade' cannot be picked up if an Elixir in Doma is picked up first
  • Cyan now gets un-equipped during dream sequence
  • Applied Assassin's Sketch Bug Fix
  • Keeping faithful to version 9.08, here is what has been changed from the original Final Fantasy III (US):

    - New Story Line (using the foundation of FF3/6)
    - New Skills (and only a select few can use magic) - Dragon Skill, Kick, Holy Sword...
    - Increased Difficulty (but not insanely impossible)
    - New Specialized Equipment (Relics, Armor, Weapons are more tuned to certain characters)
    - New Stats for various characters.

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